Your Relationship: What Do I Do Now!

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Recently, I found a new blog called The Good Women Project. I read an awesome article there about marriage called When The Man You Thought You’d Marry Breaks Up With You.

In this post, a young woman talks about what she felt when she broke up with someone she thought she would spend forever with and remembers God would help her through it. One quote from this post stood out to me and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

your relationship

Your Relationship

“The man who I totally trusted, who knew me better than most, decided I wasn’t worth it anymore. So doesn’t that say that I’m worthless? His actions made me feel as though I was nothing, that I had no value. That is the underlying message when someone leaves us when someone hurts us. If we were valuable enough to them, they wouldn’t have walked away in the first place.

This kind of pain shapes and scars us. We start to believe that our pain was deserved and that those who wronged us did so because they knew. They knew who we really were. And we start to believe it: that we deserve to be left, to be hurt, to be alone. But that is a vicious, seething lie that we must not believe.”

I love how she explains how he made her feel. I also relate to this because in every breakup I’ve gone through the guy would make me feel like I was nothing, worthless, a waste of space, etc. He would tell me those things too.

Pain shapes our character and makes us believe what others say about us. It’s unfortunate because it also makes you feel invaluable to be with someone else. That makes others think and feel like you are broken and most think it’d be too difficult to fix you. This is when you should believe in God and the love He has for you.

“Your circumstances and your past do not reflect your value. But Jesus does. Jesus died for you, suffered for you, and laid down his life for you. Because you’re that valuable.”

Don’t think He wants you to hurt or suffer because He never does. Remember to always love yourself and know you are a valuable person, especially to those people who do care about you. Jesus is one of those people too!

Your Faith in God is going to be more important now. When you trust in Him and believe you are said to be becoming one with God. No relationship is perfect, and no person is perfect.  God should always be your best friend, but even if you pray or go to church, He won’t always give you the answers you want ( which is something I have learned the hard way!)

Your faith in God gives and takes just like any other friendship. You share and then you listen.

Sometimes you receive encouragement and sometimes you are the one encouraging. I think it is important to ask the question, Do I have enough faith in God to get through this rollercoaster of emotion? Am I being the type of friend, I would want to have? Am I doing unto God as he would do unto me?

If I let any man speak for my value with his actions – I’ll let it be Jesus.”

I love this phrase!
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