Why I Write

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I love writing. I always have. That is why I started Nichole Sheley. When I was little, my grandmother gave me a special book. I still remember what it looked like, the binding was sky blue and it had a little teddy bear on the front of it. Inside was lined paper ready for the pages to be filled with countless words. She told me to use it to write stories I would make up and have my friends write stories too. It became a game to make up as many stories as I could. I even would bring the book to school, pass it around and have my friends write stories that they had made up too.

my writing

I don’t remember whatever happened to that book, but that was my earliest recollection of my writing. I have loved it ever since. As I grew up, I made up tons of stories that I never finished, but always enjoyed writing. In school, English was my favorite subject, and in College, I really loved writing papers. I did better on those than on any tests I had to take. Now, I want to take my love of writing a little further. Here are the reasons why I choose to write.

1. I love writing for myself.

I had another place before this blog where I would write, I had for years and years. But what I wrote there was more diary-like. About my day, my life, and the things I was doing. Over the past few years, I decided to get more serious about my writing. I did some research and found the best way to get started was to just practice. To get out there and be an author, you have to have an audience, you have to just write. So that was why I started to think of a blog for myself, to get out there to write and to practice so that I can get better and someday follow my dreams and get published. So yes, I write for myself but not only for myself.

2. I love writing for others

I also write for others. I love when people love what I have written when it has helped them and some, way encouraged them somehow, and I would like to think maybe changed a life. I don’t do it to get the glory, but because I enjoy it and because I have a heart for people and want to write good things that people want to read or need to read.

3. I have been writing to share my opinions

I have an opinion, as does everyone else I know. But I like my opinions to be known sometimes. I like to share them and hear what others’ opinions are as well. It is a learning process, for from others’ opinions we learn and grow. 

4. I do this to encourage

I want to be an encouragement to others. I want to share what I know, what I have learned, and what God has taught me. I write to lift up, encourage, and show others that even in the storms they can keep on singing.

5. I love to share my story

I want to share my story, the hardships, the trials, and the blessings so that others may know how good God is. I write about these experiences so that others do not have to feel alone.

These are the reasons why I write. Why do YOU write?

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