A Sheley Christmas!

Hello, hello friends! I am SO excited to welcome you to my new blog!

Although we have a new name and a new look, the feel and content will remain the same. But better!

With this change, I’m looking to refocus and dedicate my time to sharing really useful and inspiring content that others can relate to. So you’ll still find snippets from our day to day life, easy recipe and craft ideas, and some farming related posts here!

Why the new name? Simply ng put, I was tired of Broken P Ranch Christmas. The name felt slightly juvenile, and while I did write about the ranch and Christmas, I didn’t want to be tied down to those topics. Especially since the ranch aspect doesn’t appear here all that often.

I’d been wanting to make the change for what seemed like YEARS, but I could never really find a name that fit. I was looking for a generic lifestyle name, maybe featuring my actual name, but the ideas were few and far between.

It wasn’t until one morning that I was thinking about the holidays and was wanting to incorporate something about doing Christmas the Sheley way, that it hit me.

My first idea was Christmas as a Sheley, for the alliterative aspect, but with it being such a long name, I didn’t like it, I knocked the name down to three words. And A Sheley Christmas was born.

I’ve been working all morning on getting my social media account and everything switched over. Things might be wonky here for a few days. Maybe I’ll finally update that “About Me” page to reflect more about me and the holidays not.

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