Introducing My New Website

Hey there! The Farmhouse Family is now Nichole Sheley! After 2 years, I decided to rebrand with a shiny new design (thanks, Amanda!) and restart my blog after my semi-hiatus during my junior year of college and the past year.

new website

Why the changes?

I was using WordPress, I just wasn’t making making any money or getting blog views. I switched back to Blogger to try to accomplish getting views, comments, and start making money before I switch. Now I realize Blogger is a free site and not hosted but I am restarting.

Why the new name?

A few reasons. One is that The Farmhouse Family was a family blog and (stupidly) I was making it into a blog about me and my boyfriend at the time. Another reason is that The Farmhouse Family doesn’t feel like me anymore. I didn’t blog a lot during college, and I felt like my blog name was very me anymore. (I am still a farmhouse lover and a family person). Nichole Sheley is very “mine” because it is my name and I feel it defines who I am NOT what I am. I also love sunflowers, and I wanted my blog design to be more me than a coordinating palette for my name (I’m going to overuse parentheses in this post. I really did love the Farmhouse theme and colors of my latest The Farmhouse Family design, but it was time for something new.). 

A big shout-out to Amanda with Simply Stella Design for the facelift and domain migration. I could not have done this without her because I have truly no idea how to move a website from one domain to another. If you are in the market for a fresh blog look, I highly recommend her. I’m still in the process of updating links and some other stuff, so you may still see stuff from the old website for a few days.

Hope y’all enjoy the new blog!

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