How you can change the ambiance in your home, through luxury lighting fixtures


The atmosphere in the house can be changed through furniture, trendy colors, special materials, current decorations, general design trends, but especially through lighting fixtures. They include a wide range of designs, ranging from chandeliers to wall sconces, to lampshades and lamps with special finishes.

For a modern and complex look, you should take into account the fashion trends in lighting fixtures and the advice of designers on combining several styles to transform the spaces in the house into stunning and inspiring settings.

How you can improve your work environment in your home

To make the work environment in your home more comfortable, you can use bigmax lighting fixtures . They have an original design and can give the space a unique character. The product range includes: modern pendant lights, lamps, chandeliers, Christmas lights, mini task lamps, lamps, ceiling fans, wall sconces, etc. They vary through special finishes, diverse styles, lines, bold shapes and other aspects related to details that can create a feeling of luxury.

By using appropriate lighting equipment, you can change the atmosphere in your home and personalize a space. Lighting in any room is essential, it can significantly improve the ambiance.

If you already have quality lights, you can think about using lampshades , which are beautiful components for lamps and can certainly be an optimal solution to enhance a room in your home.

Lamps and chandeliers

Such products look sensational and can be real jewels on the ceiling, taking into account their very impressive design. Some are very large and effective in completely lighting up a living room, even if it is very spacious. Others can emit a directional light, like spotlights.

For the interior of an attic, an industrial lighting fixture, in a minimalist style , is suitable, which has incandescent light and can be made from a combination of materials – wood and metal.

LED lighting

LEDs are now being developed and used for general lighting in the home. In recent years, their prices have been affordable, to be marketed more efficiently. If you choose this LED lighting system, you have a number of advantages, such as:

  • You save on energy because in the case of LEDs the consumption is 1/4 of that of incandescent lamps
  • With this product you have the possibility to change the brightness and intensity of the color
  • The lifetime of LEDs is very long, they change after about 10 years, when their intensity gradually starts to decrease
  • LEDs are not hot, do not generate heat when emitting light, are resistant to cold, can also be installed outside on the terrace
  • LEDs do not attract insects, so there is no risk of soiling these lighting equipment.

Rail lighting

This solution is ideal for the living room, hallway or kitchen. By installing a track system on the ceiling, the chosen lighting fixtures can be moved and several interesting effects can be created so that the light is adapted to the needs of the room.

What are the fashion trends in lighting fixtures in 2023

This year, the main lighting trends are:

  • Chandeliers in bold colors or with a brassy sheen
  • Retro or classic style lamps
  • Wall and ceiling lighting products with chrome, bronze, silver or gold finishes
  • Lamps with spectacular design, made of special materials, such as glass, metal, ceramic, acrylic, marble, granite, concrete
  • Ceiling lights with unusual shapes
  • Lighting fixtures in unexpected colors with spiral shapes and mirror inserts.

In 2022, red, white, black and gold lamps have become very popular . Earthy, natural and Scandinavian style shades are also in trend.

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