How to Simplify Your Life {Part 1}

With a new school year underway and all, most of you are very busy at the moment. But to simplify your life is the last thing on your mind right now. What about slowing down? It was winter break after all.

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simplify your day

However, I have to disagree. If you desire a simpler, more relaxed life, you can pursue it year-round. There is no better time than now to begin living in this manner.

However, I understand. Change is a big deal. An imperative one. The change won’t come overnight, but it can start with something small.

Because of that, over the next two posts here at Broken P Ranch, I will share with you 10 easy tips for simplifying your life. I think these tips will get you started down the path to a more balanced life, one that is full of vitality and calms the chaos.

As a result, I regularly practice all of these things. Now, I won’t go so far as to say I’m proficient at any of them. However, I do try to live a simple life.

Easy Tips to Simplify Your Life

Well, to honor the simplicity of this post, I won’t keep you reading any longer without revealing the first 5 tips to simplify your life today…so here you go!

  1. Love Thyself: Self-love is top of the list! Take time to enjoy yourself every day. You deserve it. Even if you’re wired to please others, this can be not easy. Simplifying your life starts here. Your health comes first. Taking care of yourself comes first. It makes complete sense. You will also notice your family feeling refreshed and whole. Taking some time for yourself is never too late.
  2. Fight the Paper Clutter: A pile of papers is always on the bookshelf. Ah. Every week, we sort through that paper clutter pile. Beyond a week, it’s just too overwhelming. Along with sorting through the growing pile, we have a system for bills and related papers. These also get purged regularly. Organize your paper clutter in a way that works for you. This monster will be tamed, and you will feel immediately relieved.
  3. Get Outside Daily: I spend my morning devotion time on my deck. With our puppy at home, I’m more likely to walk every day. Before My Love returns home for the day, I enjoy sitting in silence outside and taking in the sights and sounds around me. Get some Vitamin D by getting outside! Slowing down will also simplify your life.
  4. Set a Budget: I had to budget due to changing careers. I now firmly believe in it. Budgets can be helpful even if your finances are not limited. If you keep weighing needs and wants, you’ll have less. Simplicity is key.
  5. Play a Board Game: Rather than watching everyone use their mobile devices after dinner or turn on the TV, play board games or cards with your family. Put the phone down! Relax. Enjoy! Once you try it, you’ll probably want to make it a regular family event. It’s all about simplifying.

There will be two parts to this post

Here’s the first half of this 2-part post series. To avoid adding to the overwhelm you may feel in your life at the moment, I decided to break it down for you.

Simplification can seem to be “easier said than done.” But the beauty of it is the shift in mindset. It’s simple. Patient. Calm. You take life a bit slower once you get your mind in that space, even when everything is thrown at you at once. One thing at a time, one curveball at a time. Don’t let the world dictate your pace.

My hope is that you are motivated to at least try living a simpler lifestyle after reading these tips. Stay tuned to BPR because next week we’ll wrap up this post with the final 5 tips and a freebie just for you!

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