How to organize a family Christmas party? See 8 tips


The family Christmas party is a tradition that many do not give up, and rightly so: this is a special time to be surrounded by those you love most, chat, see those who live far away and, of course, create good memories that last forever. ever.

Planning the supper, however, is not always an easy task, as it involves a lot of organization, both to decide where the party will be held and to see what each one brings, think of games and organize the entire space.

But so that this moment is peaceful and no one is exhausted , we’ve separated some valuable tips on how to have an economical Christmas dinner and a peaceful party, without giving up beauty. Check out!

1. Make a guest list

Before deciding anything, you need to know who are the people who will participate in the supper. That’s because, with that number in hand, it’s easier to decide where the meeting will be, the amount of food and whether it will be necessary to get extra chairs.

A good tip is to use WhatsApp to your advantage and set up a group with all family members to make a single invitation and organize confirmations.

Also, when you know who is going, you can consider other details. For example, if there are children, you need to think about snacks, movies and other activities for them. Or if there is someone with a specific diet who needs recipes designed for them, etc.

2. If you are going to do a secret friend, organize it in advance

If your family is one of those who loves making secret friends, this is the time to take advantage and organize the game. Don’t wait to do this at the last minute, even so as not to overwhelm anyone or get in the way financially .

Currently, organizing a secret friend is very easy and you can count on the help of technology to get everyone’s name right and there are no mistakes.

3. Think about the menu with the family

One of the worst things that can happen when organizing a family Christmas is, precisely, leaving all the responsibilities to one person, especially when it comes to cooking. In addition to being unfair, this makes the celebration no longer pleasant for anyone. Before thinking about simple and economical Christmas dinner recipes, you need to have the guest list.

Therefore, the ideal is that the menu is thought of by all the guests, even to make it more economical.

For example, someone else’s starters and sides, someone else’s main course, someone else’s desserts, and so on.

The important thing is to organize in a balanced way, both in financial and work matters.

4. Divide the tasks for each one

Again, being in charge of everything is not interesting. So how about dividing the tasks between all people?

Secret friend, buying drinks, going to the market, doing the cleaning, in short, each task can be in the hands of someone different.

5. Time is of the essence; don’t procrastinate

Last minute shopping is one of the worst things you can do at the end of the year. Many people end up falling for this and, therefore, face huge queues and crowded markets, which makes them lose many hours in something that could be avoided.

Take advantage of the beginning of December or even the month of November to do your shopping. If the menu is already organized and if everyone already knows what they should do, it’s worth putting your share in advance.

6. Make a list of everything you need to buy

Lists are the great allies of those who want to organize themselves in advance and save money. With everything written down, you don’t fall into the risk of buying unnecessary things and, thus, you will spend only what you planned.

Therefore, before going to the market and buying everything in the market, write down all the ingredients in your recipe and, of course, do the math so that it is enough for the number of people.

7. Organize with the family to do the shopping together, wholesale

Another valuable tip to organize a family Christmas party without spending a lot is to take advantage and buy everything at once in a wholesale. As these supermarkets offer special conditions for purchases above a certain amount, it is worth gathering everything that each one needs and going to the market in one go.

But to do this it is important that everything is well organized, all guests know exactly what they are going to bring and have everything written down on a list. For this type of situation, the app we suggest is very worthwhile, because if only one person goes to the market, it will be easier to organize the money.

8. Decorate without breaking the bank

Christmas dinner decoration is something that always delights everyone, isn’t it? Therefore, she is indispensable, as she is responsible for adding the touch of magic to the environment.

To make your corner more beautiful, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. By the way, it is worth getting together with the family and seeing what each one can borrow to set up the decoration of the place where the party will take place.

You can make a simple arrangement for the Christmas dinner table, with old ornaments. You can also mount a light curtain on the walls to take pictures, or even on the windows.

If the plan is to save money, in addition to these tips, you can look for ideas on YouTube for easy decorations that can be made by the family itself.

With these tips on how to save money and get organized, it will be easier to think about Christmas dinner as a family. Count on everyone’s union and, that way, this moment will be more pleasurable and less exhausting.

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