About Nichole’s Journey to Homesteading

Hello and welcome! I’m Nichole, a loving ranch girl, and a grad school student. I’m originally from Central Illinois, now live in the middle of nowhere Illinois. It all started when I grew up in the country and went to school to write and study Agriculture.

When I started following Home Sweet Spena, I began to research everythingLearning about the chemicals that were in cleaning products inspired me to ditch the toxins and create my own natural cleaning products.

But this is where the story begins. Moving to the middle of nowhere taught me a lot about country living (with a bit of culture shock thrown in!) and it is what catapulted my natural living journey

All of this experience is what drives my desire to create a better & healthier lifestyle for my family.

Start Homesteading

The modern homestead life is about the gratification of cultivating your own food, the pleasure of relishing in a home-cooked meal, and the satisfaction of work worth doing.

 If modern life has left you empty, or you’ve felt stirrings that there has to be more, you’re exactly in the right place.

This means constantly reevaluating and testing processes to find what works best for our family & sharing what we learn along the way.

I honestly never would have imagined or planned this life. I certainly never dreamed of living my own version of Little House on the Prairie. 

Or that I could make a career out of a blog while living in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes with some really sketchy internet!

Introducing my new Book

Build Your Dream Homestead


This guidebook helps you learn homesteading skills slowly over time as you prepare for your dream homestead. It begins with the fundamentals of raising livestock, preparing for your first garden, homestead buildings, creating your from-scratch pantry, and much more!