7 tips, how to arrange the children’s room


Decorating a children’s room is fun and exciting. But what will you really need and how to organize it all? We will advise you how to proceed and what to look out for. Learn 7 tips on how to arrange a children’s room.

Without home textiles, the room is like a body without a soul

The baby cannot do without pillows, blankets and other textile materials. The key is to choose durable materials that allow breathing, but at the same time insulate enough and keep the baby warm. Look for original motifs that bring a playful element to the room and add character to the children’s room.

Quality sleeping place is the basis for everything

Don’t be afraid to invest in quality beds and mattresses. Both are key not only to your little one’s deep sleep , but also to healthy growth . The best beds are made of quality wood, not only for babies, but also for older children.

If you want to save, buy an adjustable model . These, at first, are basically like a crib and a changing table in one. And then simply make them a classic bed for an older child. It is definitely worth buying a model that has storage either built in or can be purchased for it. You will see for yourself that extra storage space is always useful, whether for children’s toys or bed linen and much more.

Space for play and learning

Before your child goes to school, the room will be used exclusively for play. The ideal is to create a play area with a carpet , which will protect the little one from getting cold from the floor. It would be best to collect the toys in large boxes from which they are always visible, thus stimulating curiosity. If you put them in chests and thus block their view, they will not have the same effect.

As soon as the little one starts going to school, a learning space will have to be created for him . It should be clearly separated from the play area . It will help him with his concentration. Invest in the desk, it will last the whole school term. Place it close to natural light, but preferably not directly opposite it, so that the little one does not tend to look outside instead of looking at the workbook.

 Do you have two children? It is better to create two working corners in the room. Otherwise, they risk disturbing each other while working. We recommend purchasing the seat according to the child’s age, ideally on a solid central base.

Also, don’t forget about enough storage space. Buy the already mentioned storage boxes for toys, and for workbooks and books you will appreciate the practical cabinets and drawers . Cabinets can also be mounted on the wall to free up space. And of course  the shelves , you can’t do without them.

Colors for healthy sleep

Brighter colors should be chosen more quickly for the children’s room. They create a pleasant atmosphere and at the same time visually enlarge the room. If you don’t want just white walls and equipment, go for pastel shades like sage, menthol or pale blue. Thanks to them, the room lights up.

To a lesser extent, you can also use rich and radiant colors to stimulate children’s curiosity and add a cheerful atmosphere to the space, for example, in the form of colorful stickers, pieces of furniture, accessories, etc.

Safe, natural materials

Now regarding materials, we recommend mainly natural ones . With young children there is always the risk that they will try to put their tongue on the furniture or even bite it, in the worst case. In general, it is better to choose furniture and accessories with as few artificial chemicals as possible (no plastic, nylon, PVC polyester, formaldehyde, etc.). This also applies to wall paints. Choose the ones that are eco-friendly, so they don’t contain dangerous chemicals.


In addition to a main light source, we also recommend a desk lamp, a bedside lamp, and ideally another smaller light for the play area. More layers of light always look nicer.

Roller blinds or blinds

Buy quality blinds or blinds for the room. If you have small children, we recommend roller blinds without chains. Children are attracted to chains and could be injured if they become entangled in them. Or at least place them outside the access area, so that they cannot reach them even by climbing on the furniture.

Thanks to the blinds, your children will sleep after dinner without any problems and won’t wake you up so early in the morning. You will also appreciate them if you live in the city center and the outdoor lighting could have a disruptive effect.

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